My name is Jesse Freeman and I am a Gaming Evangelist at Amazon.

My job is to help you make the best games possible! This site is full of material to help you not only start your games but finish, publish and market them as well.

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Whether you are looking for help with Unity’s new 2D workflow or just looking for how to start making a game I have you covered.

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Want to learn how to make a 2D Platformer in Unity? In this new quick-start guide, you’ll learn how to make a player that can run, jump and shoot as well as zombies and how to extend Unity’s IDE with a custom built Tile Map Editor.

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Learn Unity’s new 2D workflow for free by reading through the 11 chapters from my book. You get all the content of the book for free. If you like what you see, you can buy the book plus artwork and code at any time.

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This site is full of great articles, links to my books and my own games.

My game starter kits and art packs will speed up your game dev

Each starter kit was designed to be fully customizable and the art packs ensure you have all the artwork you need.

Game Starter Kits

Get access to some the code I used to help make my own games. Each starter kit will show you how to quickly setup and customize a pre-built HTML5 game using ImpactJS.

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Game Art Packs

Making a game is hard enough so why worry about the art. Use one of my free art packs to make your game look good from the start.

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Last year I made one game a month!

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