Free Game Art: Jetroid

Jetroid is a game I started to build last year. I was talking with Richard Davey, who constantly makes fun of me for not finishing my games, and he said to just build something in 2 weeks and release it. I sat down with Impact and after a week and a half I had a Jetroid Demo up and running. I did the original game artwork then hired Iñaki Diaz to recreate all the artwork and make it look more polished.

The basic idea behind the game is that you are an astronaut exploring a distant planet. You have a jetpack and the levels are set up to be randomly generated caves. You also have health, energy and air meters you need to monitor. When you use the jet pack you lose energy, which will slowly replenish over time. Your air is constantly running out and once that happens it will start taking away your health. There are also monsters and obstacles in the level that will take away health as well. The goal of the game is to collect artifacts, aliens and other valuable items to get a high score. This forces the player to fight their greed verses their desire to survive the level. The highlight of the game is that there is no combat at all, it’s all about making calculated decisions around getting more points or getting out alive

You can cut to the chase and download all of the artwork we made here then read the rest of the post to learn a little more about what’s in the collection and how to use them. The artwork is offered under the WTFPL license. For this collection I didn’t generate sprite sheets, they are all single images exported directly from the source files.

Main Character

The main character has 2 main sets of animations: walking and flying. I also included the jump animations which I didn’t end up using in my version of the game and need to be cleaned up.


There are several types of aliens I had Iñaki design. We only had time to animate a few but I included the others in the set if you want to build on top of them. Aliens in the game are designed to be obstacles and take away health from the player when they collide. Since there is no way to kill them, we didn’t create death animations.

Map Tiles

There are several sets of cavern and spaceship tiles for the game. I was looking to setup a simple to use tile set where you have a single floor tile and a single background tile. This would make it easier for me to have the random level generator spit out maps. Ideally I would want to setup a few additional variations of each tile to add variety but never got around to getting them designed.


Items represent things you can collect in the game. These give you points and add to your score when you exit the level. As you can see we went through several designs and all of them are included for you to use.

Power Ups

As I mentioned in the introduction, the goal of Jetroid was centered on balancing the player’s health, energy and air supplies. To assist the player, the level contains power ups to refill your air, health and energy. We also have designs for the meters.

Wrapping Up

Just like my last post on Tile Crusader’s art I would love to hear back from anyone who ends up using the artwork in their own game. I plan on finish up Jetroid next year since I really think the game play mechanics are fun, I just need to figure out if I want to go full randomly generated worlds or hand craft them to make it more fun.

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