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Resident Raver is an idea I had almost 14 years ago when I went to college. Raving was big and Resident Raver was also a popular game at the time. It made sense to combine the two and that is how I came up with the basic premise behind Resident Raver: a dorm is overrun with raver zombies and you need to escape. I started the game way back in Flash 4 and over the years dabbled with it here and there. Last year, while I was writing my book, I decided to make Resident Raver the tutorial game in the book and that gave me even more motivation to actually finish. Once the book was done I wanted to make a proper version of it so I borrowed some elements from Super Crate Box and Elevator Action to build out this demo. Being happy with this, I hired Iñaki Diaz to clean up all the artwork to get it ready to publish to the Windows Store before I even knew I was going to join Microsoft. Unfortunately this game has been sitting around collecting dust so I figured I would release the artwork for free so others can use it in their games.

You can cut to the chase and download all of the artwork we made here then read the rest of the post to learn a little more about what’s in the collection and how to use them. The artwork is offered under the WTFPL license. This collection represents all of the final sprite sheets I am currently using in Super Resident Raver so they should be ready to go in your own game with little to no modification.

Main Character

This is the main character animation. There are two sets, walking and firing while standing. Each sprite is 17×17 pixels.

All of the frames on the left are for walking and at the end of each movement loop is a standing/firing loop. There are several weapons in the game (fists, pistol, shotgun, machinegun, grenade and land mind) which have their own unique animation. From here you should have everything you need to get a basic player up and running with full walking and firing animations.


What game isn’t complete without zombies? I had Iñaki design up several different styles to add a little verity to the game. Each sprite is 17×17 pixels.

These animation sets should be straight forward enough. The only exception would be the 6th type. You can see there are some red tinted walking frames for that zombie. I have this zombie start “glowing” when the player gets near to indicate he will explode if you get too close. Other than that, all of the sprites should be easy to setup in your own game.


Since Super Resident Raver takes place in a dorm I had Iñaki create some destructible furniture to use around the map. Each set has alternative styles to help add variety.




Trash Cans


Environment Objects

There are two main environment objects in the game: doors and the elevator:

When a door is red, the player can open it. I also have some default brown doors for zombies to come out of and try to attack the player. The elevator requires 2 platforms to represent the top and bottom so the player can enter in from the sides. I also included animations for the elevator moving up and down.

Map Tiles

Super Resident Raver has a very simple tile set. It mostly consists of platforms, walls and some basic backgrounds for the elevator shaft. The tile map is 16×16 pixels.

There are some variations in these tiles to help add character but are meant to work with the detail tile set. This detail tile set add all of the extra visual flair you would want to make each map look a little more unique These tiles are 16 x16 pixels.

You can create a new layer on top of your background map tiles to overlay these effects. The top left 3 are meant to go around doors, below them are blood platters and to the right are edges for the elevator shaft, and finally pipes. Here is how all of these look in a finished level.

Deviney Hall

Broward Hall

Smith Hall

Each of these levels are named after dorms from FSU where I went to school. As you can see with the stock tile set and the detail tile set you can create some really great looking levels. Eventually I will expand on these tiles to create even more variation in the level design.

Wrapping Up

As you can see Iñaki did an amazing job on these sprites and I would hate to see them sit on my computer collecting dust. I hope to finish Super Resident Raver up for One Game a Month but until then feel free to take these and do what you want with them. Please make sure you send me an email if you use the artwork in your own game. I would love to keep track of what other create with it.

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