Free Game Art: Tile Crusader

I really love building Roguelikes and have tried to make a few over the years. I always get distracted and never finish the games so I thought I would offer up the artwork from my last one, Tile Crusader, here for someone else to use. Tile Crusader was designed to be a crowd-sourced, coffee break roguelike game that gives anyone the ability to pick up and play a random crusades in just a couple of minutes. For this game, I created the player and monsters myself then hired Dan Wolfe to clean them up and do all of the tiles, equipment and miscellaneous graphics.

You can cut to the chase and download all of the artwork we made here then read the rest of the post to learn a little more about what’s in the collection and how to use them. The artwork is offered under the WTFPL license.

Characters (32 x 32 pixels)

I designed these character to be customizable with different equipment in order to add variety to the game. There are several “slots” on each character for a weapon, shield, armor and a helmet. In this collection you will find the hero and some monsters: ork, ogre, goblin, wolfman, vampire, mummy, skeleton, imp and gargoyle.

Equipment (32 x 32 pixels)

There are 27 different types of weapons ranging from swords, bows, spears, clubs, axes and other special types such as brass knuckles, fairy wands and sticks. In the sprite sheet you will find two sets of each type of equipment, one is meant to be used with the character sprite and the other is for a preview. The equipped image is offset and aligned to the left so it would fit in any of the character’s left hand. The other spite is centered and was designed to be using for menu icons or to show if the weapon is laying on the dungeon floor.

In addition to weapons there are sprites for shields, helmets, body armor and shoes.

Here is an example of the player with equipment on:

Extras (32 x 32 pixels)

There are a few extra sprites such as coins to be displayed in the UI, treasure chests, gold stacks, a generic potion and blood splatters to be used when a character is killed.


Wall Tiles (40 x 40 pixels)

The wall tiles are set up so you can have seamless psudo 3d like walls around the border of the level. They are set up to be 40×40 pixels in size. That leaves a nice amount of black (20 pixels or so) on the far side of each wall and still work nicely with the floor tiles which are half the size of these tiles.

Floor Tiles (20 x 20 px)

Floor tiles were setup to be 20×20 pixels in size. This allows you to get 4 tile sprites in a 40×40 pixel area to match up with the wall tiles. This is helpful when you want to add extra detail such as broken tiles or dirt. There is a “clean” tile and several dirty variations next to each style in the collection.

Decoration (20×20 and 40 x 40 pixels)

I’ve also included some decoration tiles. Nothing fancy but they cover things like signs, stairs and other miscellaneous items you may want to use to spruce up your level design.

These tiles are design to sit on top of the floor tiles and will blend correctly to look nicer than they do on the transparent background.

Wrapping Up

I hope you get as much use out of this artwork as I have. I’ve built several games and prototypes using this artwork. I’ve found this collection incredibly helpful over the last few years, especially as placeholder art for other ideas I am prototyping out. If you end up using them in your game please drop me a line and let me know. I would love to show off games that use this artwork in addition to my own bellow.

Games Using the Artwork

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