NYC Gaming January: Demo Night

Last night I got to show off my latest game, Super Paper Monster Smasher, to the NY Game Meetup during their monthly game demo night held at Microsoft’s Office. Not only is this a great opportunity for me to get some feedback on my own games but I also like to see what others are up to in the city. NYC has a small but growing group of Indie game developers and all of the games presented last night were very impressive. This was also my 3rd time speaking at the event so it’s a big honor to keep being asked back now to present my latest work. Here is a quick summary of the event and what I saw.

There were 7 games shown off last night.



  • 5 iOS Games
  • 1 Windows 8
    1 RPG Maker game


  • Objective C/Open GL
  • Corona
  • HTML 5
  • I was very impressed with Math vs Aliens, which Roger (who is not a developer) taught himself how to program in order to make his kids game on iOS. What the Block was an interesting physics puzzler where you drag shapes around on the screen to get them in the right place. It was written in Corona for iOS. Finally RespiRight is a series of test and games with a physical accessory that you breathing into in order to test your breathing and use it like a controller of sorts for the games. It was interesting to see more and more educational and kids friendly games show up which I think is an important and new space to be developing for. Doodle defense was a great installation game where you draw on a white board and physically create the obstacles and turrets in a tower defense game. Walking NY was an endless runner where you have to navigate busy sidewalks while you try to get to work on time. It was cute with nice graphics. Finally there was After which was a RPG maker game who’s creator wanted to focus on story telling but wasn’t a developer but wanted to make a game.

    If you are in NYC or coming to visit I highly suggest checking out this meetup. It’s a great opportunity to see what is happening in the NYC Indie gaming scene and meet some new people passionate about making games. I’ll be doing a talk on HTML5 gaming next Thursday and taking part in the Game Jam the following month. Make sure you check out my event and workshop pages to see when my next talks are going to be.

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