Free Game Art: Super Resident Raver

Resident Raver is an idea I had almost 14 years ago when I went to college. Raving was big and Resident Raver was also a popular game at the time. It made sense to combine the two and that is how I came up with the basic premise behind Resident Raver: a dorm is...

Free Game Art: Jetroid

Jetroid is a game I started to build last year. I was talking with Richard Davey, who constantly makes fun of me for not finishing my games, and he said to just build something in 2 weeks and release it. I sat down with Impact and after a week and a half I had a...

Free Game Art: Tile Crusader

I really love building Roguelikes and have tried to make a few over the years. I always get distracted and never finish the games so I thought I would offer up the artwork from my last one, Tile Crusader, here for someone else to use. Tile Crusader was designed to be...

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