Adding Zombies To My Endless Runner

I’ve been looking for some additional obstacles for the player to avoid and also add some extra challenge to the game. I now have zombies that get spawned, although I still need to make them attack the player and I also have a new mob of zombies on the left hand side that get closer to the player when you let a zombie get off the screen.

Here you can see I started with the mob of zombies.


Next I played around with the direction spawned zombies should be facing. This was my first attempt, but I didn’t like the way they appear to be moon walking backwards.


Finally, I changed the direction of the zombie and added in logic so that the mob moves forward when a zombie collides with it and moves back a little bit when an obstacle collides with it.


There is still a lot of work left to do to clean this up, but I generally like to get the main mechanics in place first, then come back and polish it up after I Know everything is working.

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