Changing BoxCollider2D Size Based On Sprite Size

Now that I have some objects randomly being generated I need to make sure that the BoxCollider2D matches the size of the sprite. I am cheating a little bit since all of my objects are boxes but here you can see how I go from the desk:

Ember 4

To the dresser:

Ember 3

To the crate:

Ember 2

And they are all the same exact prefab, randomly picking a sprite from this array:


The code is really simple, it’s actually only a few lines:

var renderer = GetComponent<spriterenderer> ();
renderer.sprite = sprites [Random.Range(0, sprites.Length)];
// Change collider to match the size of the sprite
var collider = GetComponent<boxcollider2d> ();
collider.size = renderer.bounds.size;

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