Super Jetroid

In Super Jetroid you are a space explorer looking for crystals, alien artifacts and new life forms on different planets.

Super Jetroid is a game about balancing greed with survival. There are no weapons, the game is simply about exploration and discovery. While you make your way through each cave system you will need to balance your health, air and fuel supply. The goal of the game is to find as much as you can and return to the surface alive.

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More About The Game

I have been working on Super Jetroid, off and on, for almost a year. I found the motivation to finish it thanks to One Game A Month. I decided to pick it back up in January and finally have enough working that I thought I would release it and see what everyone thinks.

While the basic mechanic of the game are easy to pick up, actually trying to navigate these claustrophobic caves is daunting. Each level is designed to not only push the player to explore deeper into the level and put themselves in more danger, I also challenge them with obstacles to make getting back to the surface that much more difficult.

If you are interested in finding out more about the process that went into making Super Jetroid then check out my Dev Diary here. I’ll be talking more about this game in the upcoming weeks as I break down each part of the game’s mechanic and discuss how I built it.

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