Super Paper Monster Smasher

Super Paper Monster Smasher is a simple, fun and addictive button masher powered by ImpactJS and made for Windows 8.

Welcome to Super Paper Monster Smasher. It’s your turn to finally take over as the monster and smash your way through level after level of good guys all trying to put an end to your evil reign of terror.

Available on:

Windows 8Web (Desktop/Mobile)Chrome Web Store

More About The Game

This game started its life as my Ludum Dare 25 submission and has been cleaned up and expanded upon to become not only my first Windows 8 game but also my first submission for One Game A Month.

Super Paper Monster Smasher has easy to use controls. Simply use your mouse or finger to have the Super Paper Monster attack and move. Make sure to smash all of your opponents. Avoid flying arrows and cannon balls while trying to eat goats to heal yourself. Move deeper into the dungeon as your gain XP. I designed the game to work perfectly with the mouse or your finger and runs even in mobile browsers thanks to the power of ImpactJS.

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