Looking to build a 2D Platformer in Unity?

My quick-start guide will show you how in just a few hours!

What You’ll Learn In This Book

I’m excited to announce my latest Weekend Code Project book, Build A 2D Platformer In Unity! In this new quick-start guide, you’ll learn how to make a player that can run, jump and shoot as well as zombies and how to extend Unity’s IDE with a custom built Tile Map Editor. If you have ever wanted to know how to build custom extensions in Unity or how to make a platformer, this book is for you.

Here are all the different topics you’ll learn in the book.

Build A Player

Building a Player class in Unity is straight forward and the foundation of any good platformer. The player you will bill will include the following logic:

  • Moving left and right
  • Jumping
  • Shooting

We’ll also cover setting up and switching between the different animations the player will need to do all of the above.

Add Zombies With AI

I’ll also teach you the basics of building platformer enemy AI. Our basic Zombie GameObject will perform the following actions:

  • Moving left and right
  • Stay on platforms and turn around at walls
  • Can be killed by the player
  • Can kill the player

While being simple, you learn all about how to use line of sight to complete your Zombie’s AI.

Build A Single Level

Finally, we’ll learn how to build out a complete level. This level will put together everything you learned in the book including:

  • Creating tile maps in Unity
  • Adding the Player and Zombies
  • Basic Camera the follows the player

Don’t forget to check out the custom built Tile Map Editor below!

Custom Tile Map Editor

Next we’ll cover how to extend Unity’s IDE to build a Tile Map Editor complete with:

  • Resizable Tile Map GameObjects
  • Snap to grid logic for laying out tiles
  • Custom tile picker panel
  • Easy ways to remove all tile and start over

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to extend Unity itself, which will also teach you how to start building your own IDE components which can be sold on the Unity Asset Store.

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Build A 2D Platformer In Unity

Pro Package

  • E-book (PDF & ePub)
  • Artwork (Super Resident Raver Pro Pack a $24.99 value)
  • Full Source Code (sample game + tile map editor)
  • Completed project file
  • $39.99 $19.99
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Basic Package

  • E-book (PDF)
  • Artwork (Free Super Resident Raver Art Pack)
  • Copy & paste code examples from book
  • Everything you need to build your 2D platformer and tile map editor
  • $19.99 $9.99
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