NYC Game Accelerator

NYC Game Accelerator

The Goal

The goal of the NYC Game Accelerator is to support game developers with mentoring, training, events, promotion and hardware to help accelerate publishing or porting to the Windows Platform. I will be piloting this program as a way to not only have Microsoft help invest in the local NYC indie gaming scene but to also enable first time game makers to become successful on the Windows Platform.

How It Works

Every month I help run and organize a wide range of events in New York City which you can find on my meetup group page. These events consist of following types:

  • Workshops – These are public events focusing on game design, game theory and general game development knowledge to help get people excited about making games. I use these events to help find developers that are working on interesting projects and identify how to help take their games to the next level. These events are comprised of hands on labs and lectures. Generally they run for 2-4 hours with a target attendance of around 50 people.
  • Studio Time – These are small events open to anyone making a game and are designed to give developers a space to code, get help or look for feedback. These events have two main goals: identify local talent and continue to engage with developers from the weekend workshop. Attendance is capped at 20 people.
  • Accelerator Program – This is a one on one mentorship program where I work directly with a handful of developers to help them complete their game and get them to publish on the Windows Platform. Developers accepted into the accelerator will get personalized mentorship for 1-3 months in order to help complete their game. This one on one time could involve pair programming, feedback, reviews and access to test/loaner hardware.
  • Marketing Events – Once a game published from the accelerator program you will most likely need help to promote it. I am here to help you run launch parties and work with Microsoft marketing to get it featured in the store. Not only will I help facilitate all of this, you will also have direct access to my network of game companies, device partners and online social network to open up additional doors to help make sure your game is a success.

Accelerator Perks

The accelerator is an invite only programs which allows me to set aside time each week to work more closely with each developer. These weekly meetings are designed to help move the game forward and the participant will have exclusive access to hardware, software (through our BizSpark program), technical support, marketing support and promotion once the game has launched. Each participant will also be interviewed to turn their experience into case study to help inspire other developers online. I will help try to help with additional polish to the game that helps get their work featured in the Windows Store. While getting featured is not a guarantee, each developer in the program but you will have access to all the test hardware they need to make their game the best it can be.

Additional Resources

While I can only dedicate my time to local NYC based indie game devs I do have a wealth of online materials within my website to help game developers out. Here are a few things you should checkout:

  • Free Open Source Artwork – I have opened sources all of the artwork from my own games. You can use them how you see fit. Download each art package here.
  • Game Source Code – I am a big believer in Open Source and do my best to publish the source code for most if not all of my games. You can view this code on my Github page here.
  • Game Accelerator Mailing List – Looking to get early access to my articles and exclusive game development content sent straight to your mailbox? Then make sure you sign up for my mailing list.
  • Game Dev Articles – I like to write a lot. Most of that content is captured on this site. Check out my Game Dev, Game Diary and broader topic articles on the site to learn more about what I have been working on teaching others.

Apply To The Accelerator Directly

Do you live in the NYC Metro area and have a game you think would be a good candidate for the NYC Game Accelerator? If so, then use the following form to send me the information about your game and I’ll check it out.

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